DEADPOOL 2 Keeps Its Humor, Maybe Adds Too Much Else

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At the red carpet on Monday, Reynolds said there'd been talks of a X-Force film, but was less certain about the possibility of a more direct "Deadpool 3". It is a constant comic barrage which, over the one minute less than two hours runtime, remains mostly on the right side of being too much.

Over the weekend, Reynolds showed off his vocal chops while on a press tour in South Korea for "Deadpool 2" in South Korea.

Shioli Kutsuna and Brianna Hildebrand star in the 2018 film "Deadpool 2".

We're pretty sure you haven't seen anything like this.

While that is unlikely, given Deadpool's regenerating powers, what is likely is that fans of the genre will fall in love with actress Zazie Beetz's new character, Domino.

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But they really lose it when the mask comes off at the end of the song, of course, as Reynolds waves from the stage.

The pop and geek culture references fly thick and fast, starting with a nod to the movie Logan and encompassing everything from Say Anything to the DC Universe (there is even an aside that references Brolin playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War). The straight-laced metal monster Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) ferries him back to Professor Charles Xavier's X-Mansion where Deadpool will - hopefully - heal his tired soul just enough to kill himself and join his beloved Vanessa in the sweet hereafter.

Leitch, as he did directing "Atomic Blonde" and in his long career as a stunt coordinator, pours it on during the clever and breathtaking action sequences. "How did Deadpool manage to get here?" a contestant shouts amid the chaos. The sequel doesn't have the advantage that the shock value of the first film's humor had and struggles to be more than just Deadpool redux before finding its own voice in the beginning. I may have liked the first movie a little bit more, but it's so hair thin that when I see the sequel again, I may be completely sold that I like it more than the original. I don't know. At this point, I don't even want to think about it.

"I wiped those tears away as fast as I could before the lights came up because I couldn't have everyone going 'Why is Liefeld crying over Deadpool 2?'". From start to finish - and especially through the now-mandatory post-credit scenes - Reynolds delivers every punch, kick and hard-edged witticism with conviction and relish.

The best sequels, whether superhero or otherwise, are those ones that bring a measure of control with them.