Browns Executive On Josh Rosen: 'Something About Him Bothered Me'

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Of course, every NFL Teamwants to have the flawless draft-aka the Saints' draft haulfrom just a year ago-but a handful of teams need that more than others.

But deep beyond the clickbait and talking heads, the NFL Draft does mean more to some teams than others. He gave the Browns a C on the Mayfield pick, remarking, "I just think there were better options and it's risky taking a 6-foot quarterback first overall", and a B, with reservations, for taking a cornerback with the fourth pick: "I love the player and the way he covers, but why not Bradley Chubb?" He draws comparisons to Brett Favre in competitiveness but also to Johnny Manziel with size and attitude at times.

"So I asked one of the volleyball coaches, 'What's Rosen like?' He said, 'Aaaaa, you should probably ask his girlfriend".

The Cleveland Browns earned the number one pick for the second straight year. They went 0-16 last season, and 1-15 the season before that. That record does not inspire confidence, so it's logical to assume the Browns are making another mistake.

The New York Jets had already traded plenty to move up three spots to get in place for the next quarterback in line, so where would the Patriots have moved and would Mayfield have even been available.

Exhibit A: This moment which is seared into Ohio State fans' memories.

Allen went next, with the Bills selecting him No. 7.

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Check out our quickfire wrap of the 2018 NFL Draft as trades, shocks and quarterbacks made the headlines at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

The Ringer's Kevin Clark wrote an interesting piece this week that asked if National Football League teams will "ever get smarter about drafting quarterbacks?"

Allen will start as a back up to AJ McCarron to start the season.

Kansas State football had a 24-year streak of having a player drafted into the NFL, and that streak will hold on for another year.

A little further down, the Carolina Panthers selected Maryland receiver D.J. Moore 24th overall instead of Alabama's Calvin Ridley. "We thought, 'That's going to be a heck of a move, to get up that high from where they are.' And of course he wasn't available so we never knew if that was a reality or not". A great pick for the Falcons.

The Cardinals just missed out on the top QBs in last year's draft, and now it's looking like Arizona could miss out on the top five QBs in this year's draft. "That's nothing against him, but what I've been able to do is be upfront and honest about who I am during these meetings". But this pick proves why they are trash, and have only won a single game in two years. Kirk is a versatile slot receiver who can blow by coverages and make defenders miss once he has the ball. Bill Belichick has an offense where it's easy for running backs to flourish, and I expect nothing less from Michel. Lets hope that Luck can find his way back this season so that we can see what he looks like with more than 2 seconds in the pocket. Finally, former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson was drafted with the 32nd pick by the Baltimore Ravens. They did pass up on a quarterback, but they still have Eli Manning, so they chose to at least wait awhile until they get their franchise QB.