Biggest Changes & Features Coming to Android P

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You can ignore it and go on. Or, more seriously, if you've run out the clock on Twitter, and a major news event breaks on the social network?

Another useful new feature is the so-called "scheduled digest". Some of these features will be part of Android P, while others will be found in some of Google's apps.

The reminders will come with an option of being dismissed and the feature will also allow users to disable notification sounds during a specified time period each day. As previously, the Google Play Store in the Indian region started showing apps size besides the apps icons, however, this wasn't seen in the west region. A similar feature, Wind Down, lets you set a bedtime for when the phone turns on "Do Not Disturb" mode and grays out its display.

Lastly, if you have trouble sideloading the APK file, then enable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings Security menu to install the APK from the link given below. Before, it would sometimes switch to the less commonly used Ring or Alarm volumes.

Google is Working to Address Issues of Disclosure with Duplex AI
Google is preparing to roll out some impressive new features to its flagship AI this summer. The demonstration of the technology at the conference was both impressive and startling.

With Actions, Android will use AI to learn what you do within apps at certain times of the day and recommend specific actions via shortcuts.

The on-screen interface for volume controls will also be moved closer to the hardware buttons so you can easily move the digital scroll bar after activating it with a single button press. It's a pretty simple app from Google, that allows designers and developers to share their work and even get feedback on it from other designers, developers and users. You can ask for refund within 48 hours of app or game purchase. If you really need in the app, you can. Note down the Order number that is sent to your mail at the time of the app or game purchase. There are various time options in between (see the screenshot at right). Since you've logged in with your account, Google already knows your interests and automatically compiles stories that you are interested in.

While sending an email about your refund, try to explain the reasons carefully to the developer and avoid using abusive words about the app or game. This can be done without ever going into the app.