Apple will make iPhones harder to hack with iOS 11.4

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A new feature that is sure to excite Apple users will be the in-app tabs, similar to what's on offer on the MacOS. Now it looks to have revived its focus on UI improvement & new features for the iOS 13.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman suggests that Apple could be finally giving the old tried-and-tested iOS interface a makeover with 2019's iOS 13.

None of the users who have been victim to the bug have reported any lost data, or potential hack so it's not going to cause you any major upset, but it's still annoying. The feature is called USB Restricted Mode, and it made a previous appearance in an iOS 11.3 beta.

Apple's beef with law enforcement first surfaced in 2016, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanded that Apple unlock an iPhone 5C that belonged to one of the San Bernardino gunmen killed by police. You can also try to delete the faulty message from another iOS device linked to the same iCloud account.

"Both companies keep their lips shut as to the details of their techniques, so the exact method they use to gain access to the devices is not known to Apple". That's 7-days if the iPhone has not been unlocked or connected to a trusted computer in those 7-days.

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But with the USB Restricted Mode, iPhones now have a set time limit for a third party to open the phone without the user's passcode, Touch ID or the new FaceID facial recognition technology.

That said, earlier iOS 11 releases have been riddled with frustrating bugs, from disabling microphones and wrecking battery life to unsafe security vulnerabilities.

Even the Cupertino organization announced this on its developer page, contacting the app makers to ensure their apps are updated and assembled together with the iOS 1-1 SDK, encouraging that the Super Retina screen of i-phone X, CNET documented.

The iOS 11.4 update includes a security feature that restricts the Lightning port from connecting to computers and other USB devices.