Apple so 'unbelievable' that Warren Buffett buys $75 million more shares

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At the end of 2017, Berkshire Hathaway owned 166.7 million shares of Apple, valued at $28.2 billion, which made it the second-biggest holding behind Wells Fargo, according to Buffett's 2017 letter to shareholders released in February. Apple is the largest company by market value and tends to have an outsize influence on market-value weighted indexes like the Nasdaq. He has bought 75 million more shares of the iPhone maker company, Apple in the first quarter of the year.

The Apple stake of Berkshire now roughly deals around $241.7 million shares and has an estimated value of market is almost $43 billion, based on Thursday's closing price of $176.89. And above all, Berkshire had $116 billion in cash at the end of previous year, so has plenty of spare money to make big investments.

Buffett has praised Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and suggested he views Apple more as a consumer company, despite its Silicon Valley pedigree.

Berkshire had $116 billion in cash at the end of a year ago, so has plenty of spare money to make big investments. At that point in time, no one bothered to question how many BlackBerry devices the company would sell in any one given quarter.

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Buying Apple accomplishes that, even though Buffett would rather buy whole companies than their stocks.

Apple said it will start a new share recapture its dispensation of $100 billion following the record revenue and profit numbers.

USA stocks rose Friday as shares of Apple hit an all-time high to lead a rally for technology companies.