After Sour Note With Analysts, Musk Tweets a Sweet Message

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Elon Musk took to Twitter to criticize Warren Buffett's investment philosophy, and threatened on May 5 to compete directly with one of the Berkshire Hathaway chairman's most famous businesses, See's sweets. Running The Boring Company, Tesla, and SpaceX could only be challenging, yet Musk still manages to juggle his many responsibilities in a dazzling fashion. Musk criticized Buffett's use of "moats".

If you've read the headline and are asking yourself, why the CEO of an electric auto company would start a candy business, then we have one word for you: flamethrower.

While there's always a chance Musk was simply off firing off late night tweets to test out some of his business ideas with the public, the billionaire later posted that he is "super super serious", about the venture.

Making Musk's brick-making plans all the more weird is the fact that he's previously promised to sell off interlocking Lego-like bricks made from the rock waste produced by Boring Company tunnel digging.

It started when the Tesla CEO said companies don't need "moats" around their business during his company's first-quarter earnings call last week.

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Munger and Buffett were responding to a question at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting about Musk's comments this week.

"Elon may turn things upside down in some areas".

Buffett often cites See's sweets as a company with a wide moat, because of the company's loyal, entrenched customer base, particularly on the West Coast-making it hard for any rival chocolate chains to steal any business from See's.

Elon Musk also had something to say on the issue when he tweeted "I'm going to build a moat & fill it w candy". It's hard to determine what his actual plans are, as Musk has proven to be quite unpredictable in the past.

Of course, the inevitable comparisons to Willy Wonka began to pop up, though Musk seemed to balk at the suggestion.