Who Will Be Paul Ryan's Successor?

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After talking with Trump early Wednesday, Ryan, 48, first announced his plans at a private meeting of House Republicans. "Members won't follow a lame duck, he'll have no leverage to cut deals, and the last thing they need in this environment is 6 months of palace intrigue and everyone stabbing everyone else in the back".

For many Republicans, Ryan has been "a steady force in contrast to the president's more mercurial tone", said Rep. Mark Sanford of SC.

Miller believes the amount of stress Ryan has been under may have led to his decision to leave Congress.

According to the report, a battle may already be brewing between the mainstream Republicans and the hard-right Freedom Caucus which has been a thorn in Ryan's side.

While Amodei appeared probably the very upfront regarding his fantasies, Rep. Tom Graves, " R-Ga., signaled to Politico that "his most powerful leadership inplace" would yield more success in the mid-terms, as energized Democrats may actually get a exact realistic prospect of successful roughly 2 dozen GOP-held House chairs to retake the chamber.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says she hopes House Speaker Paul Ryan will spend his final months in office working with Democrats "constructively" for all Americans. "Enough donors from the old Romney-Ryan world will write checks to Ryan to save the majority".

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House Majority Leader McCarthy, a Californian known to be tighter with Trump, is expected to again seek the top leadership post that slipped from his reach in 2015.

"It injects some more uncertainty to be sure", said the No. 2 Senate Republican, John Cornyn of Texas. "I don't like the fact that you feel that way".

The chair of the House Republican conference has the best chance of any woman to win the job, and it is a slim one, which is a fair summary of the current state of her party.

Ironically, if his welcome resignation plays a significant role in the probable rout of the Republicans this November (although I doubt it will add much), that will have been the most positive contribution of a career otherwise fundamentally detrimental to the public interest.

Conservatives may actually desire that the speakership vote to be held following the elections, even to give associates that are new, " a vote, perhaps not outgoing ones.

Rep. Charlie Dent, a moderate Republican from Pennsylvania who is also retiring, noted the difficulty of Ryan's position. He had almost $2.3 million in the bank at the end of the first quarter. "So when I look at that picture I have to say, I don't feel very celebratory, I feel very excluded". "In recent interviews with three dozen people who know the speaker - fellow lawmakers, congressional and administration aides, conservative intellectuals and Republican lobbyists - not a single person believed Ryan will stay in Congress past 2018".