Watch Black Panther's T'Challa Show Up On SNL's Black Jeopardy

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Of course, this has not been the first Black Panther-inspired sketch on SNL since it set records at the box office. The evening was a total blast and even featured a performance by Cardi B. Another great sketch featured some fans discussing the use of the Wakanda salute from Black Panther.

Chadwick Boseman reprised his role of King T'Challa from the hit Marvel superhero flick Black Panther on this week's Saturday Night Live, bringing the character to an unfamiliar territory for him: Black Jeopardy.

King T'Challa, ruler of Wakanda, has had to make some adjustments since opening his nation's borders to the outside world.

"What is, to honor her as the foundation of the family", T'Challa answers to a visibly perplexed Hayes.

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"Hmm", he says, " that's really nice. T'Challa however just didn't know and demonstrated this naiveté. "But I don't think you have spent much time in America". After getting a few answers wrong and watching Shanice and Rashad answer correctly, T'Challa finally felt ready to answer and selected the category "White People" for $400, resulting in a hilarious exchange between T'Challa and Hayes.

The categories for this round of Black Jeopardy were the following: "grown a**', "aw hell naw", "fid'na" or about to, "girl, bye", 'I ain't got it", and 'white people'. And although I have not had potato salad I sens that this white woman does not season her food. And no paprika. And she will probably add something unnecessary like raisins.

T'Challa emphatically yells for Karen to keep that bland potato salad to herself.