Uber buys dockless bike-share company Jump

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Uber apparently isn't burning cash fast enough, so the ride-share company has bought dockless bike-share outfit JUMP Bikes, with CEO Ryan Rzepecki coming along for the ride.

Founded in March 2009, Uber is a US-based tech company that specializes in peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery and logistical service.

Uber had argued that France should have got the European Commission's backing for a new taxi law, which included a measure saying only official taxis could use geolocation technology to show available cars.

The case was brought by a taxi drivers' association in Barcelona, where belief runs high that Uber is a taxi company that should be subject to rules governing such vehicles. Both Uber and Jump work on a similar product, and it makes sense for them to collaborate on sustainable public transport. After that one common platform would be developed for conducting the business activities in the Southeast Asian market. The Uber spokeswoman said the company had no plans to withdraw the standalone JUMP app. The CEO confirmed that although they had merged and sold their business and operational activities in China and Russian Federation to their rival companies this is not their plan of action. So there's a big potential market for Uber to crack with e-bikes. Uber has already suffered a lot of criticisms due to a lot of controversies during previous year and there was a lot of damage to their reputation. With the sale, those users will likely need to switch over to the Uber app to access their dockless e-bikes. In cities and countries with smaller streets and alleyways, users can now take a quick bike ride to a place where they can more easily hail an Uber. "Just tap the "bike" option in the app's menu located at the top left corner of the home screen", Uber's instructions read.

Road Safety: Uber has partnered with National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) to offer driver- partners road regulation trainings as they also inquire about their licenses on a regular basis. Together with Uber, I firmly believe we can make a more significant impact on the world and shift millions of trips from cars to bikes.

JUMP is joining Uber. – JUMP Bikes – Medium
Uber makes a Jump into bike-share

Uber is buying Jump Bikes for a reported $200 million to expand its services for customers traveling short distances.

Just as New Yorkers adjusted to the idea of Citi Bike docking stations after initial controversy, dockless bikes may become another one of the city's transit alternatives.

Uber has come out top of the pile in a bidding war for NY bike share biz Jump, which will now become a subsidiary company.

In addition to representing taxi drivers, the Teamsters have been organizing Uber and Lyft drivers for years; legislation passed three years ago would have allowed those drivers to unionize with the Teamsters-meaning the union would also represent Uber drivers and other kinds of contract for-hire drivers-but it's still tied up in court.

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