Taliban overrun Afghan district, kill its chief and at least 14 others

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Moseni also said 45 Taliban were killed and eight members of the Afghan security forces were wounded. No immediately took responsibility for the bombing.

Taliban militants attacked on Thursday a district in Afghanistan's Ghazni province near the provincial capital in a pre-dawn raid that left more than a dozen people, including the district's governor dead.

The total number of civilian casualties in the January-March period reached 2,258 - nearly unchanged from the same period in the past two years, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said.

Afghan officials say at least 15 people have been killed, including a district governor, after Taliban militants attacked a district government compound in southeastern Afghanistan.

Most civilians were killed by insurgents, and fewer people were killed by pro-government security forces than previously, said the United Nations quarterly report. Rahmani said the attackers planted mines to stop reinforcements from coming to help the government forces fend off the attack.

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The report comes as Afghans prepare to bury Ali Dost Shams, the district governor killed in an overnight attack by Taliban fighters in central Ghazni province.

"All parties to the conflict in Afghanistan must do everything in their power to protect civilians from harm", said Ingrid Hayden, the secretary-general's deputy special representative for Afghanistan.

In the ensuing fire exchange, two assailants and an ALP member were killed and four militants and five security personnel wounded, the governor's office said.

"Reinforcement troops arrived in the area after half an hour and took control of security in the area and conducted a clearance operation", Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said.

He said the attack began around 2 am with the Taliban storming the highly secure compound in Khuja Omari district.