Paternal grandmother had custody of child killed in Knightdale incest case

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No one else was in the home.

- The man suspected of killing a 7-month-old baby in Knightdale and then gunning down the child's mother and her adoptive father in CT on Thursday gave no hint of his plans in recent days, his lawyer said Friday.

The mother told police Pladl said he'd killed his baby in Knightdale, North Carolina, and his 20-year-old daughter and her adoptive father, who were shot in CT.

Officers responding to reports of gunfire around 8:40 New Milford, Conn. found the victims inside the truck with a window shot out at an intersection on Route 7, New Milford Police Lt. Lawrence Ash said. Police believe he apparently used the same weapon to kill himself.

Speaking to News24, Nelson Mandela Bay metro police officer Luyolo Nojulumba says the first things that came to his mind was to ensure that the toddler did not fall. They developed information on a suspect vehicle, which was later spotted several miles away across the New York State line in Dover.

Pladl's mother said her son told her to call the police. "We need everybody. There are two people in the auto", the caller continued.

"We need the police".

In August 2016, Katie Pladl moved in with her biological parents and their two children, ages 6 and 11, in their home in the 1800 block of Locust Drive in Henrico. The wife told authorities that the month she moved out of the home Steven had been sleeping on the floor of Katie's bedroom.

Man pleads to reduced charge for killing police officer
A Officer on Cape Cod has been shot from the head and killed Thursday while serving a warrant, local media mentioned. Baker also ordered all USA and state flags on state buildings lowered to half-staff in honor of the fallen officer.

The father and daughter - who moved to Knightdale and lived together at the Earlston Court address - were brought back to Virginia and arraigned February 20 on the Henrico charges. She later discovered Steven and Katie were expecting a child together. The conditions of his bond were later amended to allow him to travel to North Carolina.

Mugshots of Steven Pladl and Katie Pladl. She was adopted by another family and lived out of state.

"[Thursday's] events were sad and devastating", said Chief Capps.

The Knightdale father and daughter who had a child together are dead along with the baby, the authorities confirmed.

Attorney Rick Friedman, who had been representing Steven Pladl in the felony incest case, said he had breakfast with Pladl only a month ago and had no indication such violence was possible.

In that call, Steven's mother told the dispatcher her son had killed the baby.

As half-a-dozen policemen lined up on the ground below him and one climbed up to try to talk him down, the man dangled the baby over the edge by her ankle, before swinging her over the edge. "He told me to call the police and I shouldn't go over there". Steven and Katie were Bennett's parents. "His wife (also daughter) broke up with him over the phone yesterday". "He told me he. oh God. he told me killed his baby and he's in the house", she said.

In it, the girl drew pictures of Katie being pregnant, and referred to her father as "Satan", meaning the incestuous child would be "half demon" when it was born.