Kanye West Appreciates Flattery From Trump-Loving 'Dilbert' Creator

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Ebro accused Kanye of trying to stir the pot to gain publicity for his album and chided him for irresponsibly co-signing people with opinions that are "dangerous" to the well-being of Black people and the ongoing resistance movement.

Another person tweeted, "I don't know how anyone is shocked that Kanye West likes how Candace Owens think".

Alex Jones, the right-wing commentator who has regularly outraged the masses with his opinions and conspiracy theories, invited West to come on his show "InfoWars". He also allegedly tweeted, "Hi thought police, you've fucked with the wrong free thinker", and later deleted the tweet. The pair discussed freedom of speech, why West feels no one supported him during his mental breakdown in 2016, and his thoughts on Donald Trump.

This morning, Kanye shook up Twitter again when he tweeted a string of clips from Dilbert comic creator turned pro-Trump pundit Scott Adams.

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It's unclear whether or not West has seen these videos, or if his comments were merely a response to the UCLA story (based on earlier tweets, it seems like the former), but either way, the adoration is mutual. Instead, he seems interested in interacting with major thought leaders in the U.S. Before tweeting all of the Adams videos, West also sang praises for Elon Musk and his new Tesla vehicle.

"I'm freaking out. @kanyewest.please take a meeting with me", Owens wrote. "I just want to be about love, '" Darden said. "I can guarantee you, what you're seeing is victim mentality versus victor mentality". "I need you to help wake up the black community". "Self-victimization is a disease". "Kanye West is still an avid Donald Trump supporter.you can process that however you like but if you're waiting for him to say "my bad" about his trump statements - don't hold your breath".

"Multiple times in the conversation he said, 'I just want to lead with love, I just want to be about love, '" Darden said of West.

He also tweeted the hashtag #2024 that day, seemingly suggesting he wouldn't run for the Oval Office himself until then.