God of War's Game Director has emotional response to game's reviews

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Remember the last time when you played God of War and Kratos was just a merciless Ghost of Sparta, who smashed every beast on his way?

This is a mistake I made early on in the game. "Have not seen a game like this one, this will be the benchmark", said the analyst.

Interestingly, the game has indeed hugely incredible reviews as it has achieved a Metascore of 95/100 on Metacritic, beating a behemoth such as The Last of Us Remastered (94/100).

During Sony's celebration livestream of God of War, they showed off the photo mode that will be coming to the game post-launch as downloadable content.

"God of War " continues where "God of War 3" ended, by Kratos forsaking his life to return hope to mankind (and taking a dip in the cold, dark sea afterward). Developer Sony Santa Monica wanted to completely overhaul the popular series for the 2018 instalment. During the game, players also battle Odin's grandchildren and Thor's sons Magni and Modi, so he's going to want sweet vengeance too, not to mention the interesting potential relationship between Thor and Atreus (Loki). The idea behind this was taken from the Leviathan Axe that Kratos wields and flings at enemies in the game.

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Other options include Hermóðr, messanger to the gods in Norse mythology, and Odin's brother Vili, who wore silver.

New God of War game is out and Sony managed to produce another great game. They flesh out characters you don't get to see in engrossing ways, and give a lot of context to the odd world Kratos finds himself in. Because Kratos, like the people playing him, only really feels anything when he's swinging an axe. The paths you take in the first two hours hardly give you space to explore (although you should), and don't open up the combat in ways it later is.

Meanwhile, the combat system is very different to previous games. If you fill the Stun meter, you can grab them and kill them instantly (or, for tougher enemies, deal a lot of damage). Will these new gods accept Kratos on their turf? If you have a PlayStation 4, you should play it.

God Of War comes out today, but unless you pre-ordered it months ago you wouldn't have got your copy from Amazon. You can instantly sell any collectible that you pick up.