Fortnite Is Broadcasting Emergency Alert In Game And On Twitter

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After debating we have made a decision to release a portion of the Fortnite x Switch information we have - the statements we consider to be the most reliable. The developer is still gearing up for something notable as a meteor impact is imminent.

This means that update 3.6 was not only about fixing bugs and adding weapons, it was also about ushering in the end of the world! However, the start of Season 3 with the John Wick skin as part of the Battle Pass, combined with hip-hop artist Drake playing the game on Twitch with a record number of viewers helped put Epic Games' cartoonish multiplayer shooter at the top of the heap.

Fortnite Intel has also found this replay clip from Reddit user KaiserCrowz, which shows a meteor hitting in much greater detail. One looks like meteor, and the other looks like a tower. Now it looks like the game could be coming to Nintendo Switch, if a new rumor is to be believed. That said, we wouldn't be surprised at all to see Fortnite Switch announced at E3; in fact, the opposite would be more of a shock. Fortnite isn't just a game that appeals to the gaming community, it is something that people see a flawless avenue to express the timeless ideals of friendly competition and connecting with others.

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And if you look really closely the graphic looks a lot like the comet or meteor or whatever it actually is that is now visible in the sky over the map.

You can keep up with the Fortnite meteor saga as it develops right here on IGN. What if the meteor isn't a sign of doom, but the sign of our coming salvation? What if it's a superhero?

These are the first reported impacts of the meteors making contact with players, after the game creators have been dropping hints that a major celestial event could change the game forever. The in-game televisions scattered around the map are now displaying an emergency broadcast and the latest tweet from the official Fortnite account teasing Season 4 has a decidedly streaking-comet-vibe to it.