Fallin compares striking teachers to teenagers

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In contrast, the northern Dallas suburbs, an hour or less south of the Oklahoma border, enjoy increased spending on schools as population growth in recent years, which has outpaced almost every area of the United States, has driven up local tax revenues.

"Our win for kids today was only possible because of the energy educators and students have brought to the Capitol this week". But lawmakers - in particular Republicans - hope they are taken as a sign of good faith by the educators hovering literally overhead in the House and Senate galleries.

The poll was commissioned by the Oklahoma Education Association, which called for the teacher walkout.

"This is a win for students and educators and signals major progress toward funding the schools our students deserve", Alicia Priest, head of the Oklahoma Education Association, the teachers union, said in a statement after 92 lawmakers approved the sales tax measure. By closing them, the superintendents, who are fighting for resources from legislators in the Republican-led state, are taking away the threat of possible legal action against the striking teachers.

Lawmakers thought they could eke through another austerity budget with the last-minute addition of a $6,100 wage hike. "The whole plan is a big tax shift from the wealthy and corporations to the middle class and poor", Jason Bailey, the executive director of KCEP, said characterizing the bill, emphasizing that it will disproportionately affect poor Kentuckians.

Sharee Davis, a 36-year-old high school math teacher in an Oklahoma City suburb, stood outside the Capitol on Wednesday holding a sign that said, "Auction the necklace" - a reference to reports that Fallin was wearing a high-priced necklace during a bill signing last week.

Scarberry said that the walkout was needed to get the state's attention about the hard conditions in their schools. "This should send a clear message to lawmakers to come to the table to do better for Oklahoma's students".

OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown said Thursday investigators have opened three separate cases and are likely to look into a fourth incident.

While he's not sure his Capitol attendance will have any impact, Housman said he'll keep coming back until lawmakers do something. "If you think the only reason you're here is to pass a $20 million Amazon tax and go home, then next year you'll still have $150 million fewer dollars with no new money to hire a teacher".

"Whenever she says teachers are like teenage children who just want a new auto?"

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"There's revenue out there", Priest said.

Senate Floor Leader Greg Treat said the legislation will be "substantive".

This week, thousands of Oklahoma teachers gathered at their state capitol demanding larger salaries.

Teachers say that it is mandatory to restore funding from budget cuts that have obliged some districts to impose four-day school weeks.

"I'm not voting for another stinking measure when they are acting the way they are acting". Now, senate will meet Friday.

"They're losing influence on their students at this time".

When an Oklahoma teacher revealed what the chairs in her classroom look like, she couldn't imagine how far one photo could go.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R), for one, likened the teachers who walked out to spoiled teens who want better cars.

Teachers are confident their communities support the protest movement, and vowed to continue the rest of this week.

Demonstrations in both states followed a similar movement in West Virginia last month - which, after almost two weeks of a school shutdown, resulted in a 5 percent pay raise. They came to the Capitol because they said the additional general education funding is inadequate.