Conor McGregor breaks social media silence for first time since NYC arrest

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A New York Police Department spokesman said: 'He (McGregor) has been charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief'.

Bail for McGregor was set at $50,000 and $25,000 for Cowley, with both men were bailed out by celebrity bondsman Ira Judelson, the New York Post reported.

He is charged with three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief.

He has been order to return for a court hearing on June 14. And so McGregor chose to hype up this potential fight - like a pro wrestling promoter would - by bum rushing the Barclays event, causing a scene that climaxed with him shattering the window of a bus containing a bunch of UFC fighters.

Footage appears to show McGregor throwing a trolley at the bus - smashing a window - followed by further altercations.

"These buses are full of a ton of fighters and their cornermen", UFC CEO Dana White told "First Things First" Friday morning.

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Rendelman adds that McGregor's popularity could actually help him with the case as the District Attorney could just arrange a deal where the fighter can "get back to the community" after the damage he caused.

While not directly related to what McGregor did on Thursday, the planned UFC 223 main event for this Saturday was called off by the New York State Athletic Commission. But not in this situation.

Two fighters were injured in the bus attack, UFC has said, and their UFC 223 bouts have been canceled. The MMA star hasn't fought since losing a boxing bout to Floyd Mayweather in August 2017; "I feel that when you have reached such a high status, you have to carry yourself in a classy way", Mayweather said Saturday night during a Showtime interview, referencing the McGregor incident.

At the UFC 223 post-fight conference, White mentioned that a fight in September had been discussed prior to the incident. "You's'll strip me of nothing", he tweeted, invoking an expletive. He also lambasted the referee for, as he saw it, trying to pick up the defeated Redmond off the ground to force him to continue fighting against Ward, despite being incapacitated by the beating he endured in the first round of the match.

The attack was a purported act of retaliation to an incident earlier in the week. He said that McGregor's future with UFC may be in doubt - another classic "will he or won't he?" wrestling-style teaser, except for the fact that McGregor definitely crossed a line.

In July 2016, the UFC said it had agreed to be bought by talent agency WME-IMG in a transaction a source valued at $4 billion, one of the largest price tags for a sports brand.