Cardi B Sets New First-Week Streaming Record on Apple Music

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Cardi was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and first came to attention for documenting her career as a stripper on social media. "Every rapper right now, like Nicki, Remy, me, some girls that's on the come-up, it's like, I don't feel like nobody sound like each other".

Cardi stopped by Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show on Real 92.3 to talk about her smash new album, Invasion of Privacy. "Because at the end of the day, everybody wanna act like they deacons and pastors and they relationships is flawless and they don't know what other people, you don't know what type of things are happening in their relationship". She added, "Like I said, in the beginning of our relationship we had our doubts about each other, things weren't flawless". 'When it got in the public, it was like oh man here it goes and I don't wanna deal with it but we just worked it out'. Our family was involved. Sources close to Kardashian indicate that she may just try and work it out with Thompson as well. In one of the most interesting pregnancy reveals in recent memory, she debuted her baby bump on last week's Saturday Night Live - during a performance of "Be Careful", no less.

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If you ask me, you can skip 2008's The Incredibly Hulk , but even if you do, you're still at one day and 13 hours, give or take. Fatalities have been confirmed, although we don't know exactly who'll be headed out of the door when all is said and done.

When asked if he listens to the newfound chart topper, he wasted no time in pointing out that he loves her breakout smash, "Bodak Yellow".