Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest to #DeleteFacebook

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Steve Wozniak is leaving Facebook over concerns about the social media's company's troubles protecting the privacy of its users that were heightened by the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Apple cofounder told USA Today on Sunday. "Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this", he wrote in an email to USA Today.

In the email, Wozniak said he would pay to keep Facebook from exploiting his personal information.

With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress this week about the company's privacy policies and the Cambridge Analytica data leak, Wozniak appeared on MSNBC this afternoon to discuss.

Facebook has recently come under fire over its handling of user data.

Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg previously said that the users should expect to pay if they don't want their information to be used for targeted advertising.

Steve Wozniak is the latest among several other celebrities to have bunked Facebook though for a change, Steve said he has only deactivated the account and not deleted it entirely.

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Facebook is now enmeshed in several scandals, including the issue of privacy protocols in the wake of user data furnished to British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. In his words, Facebook is essentially making money on the identities and info of its users without the users seeing any of the proceeds. It was only a few weeks ago that Elon Musk quit Facebook, and he did it with a bang.

Wozniak is referring to a common argument here: that consumers who use free services on the internet provided by Google and Facebook are paying with their own data, rather than money, because those companies track their browsing and usage habits, then sell ads against that information.

He continued, "Facebook could have done a much better job of being honest".

Numerous celebrities also have joined the #DeleteFacebook exodus, including Cher, Will Ferrell, Rosie O'Donnell and Jim Carrey.

The announcement from "The Woz" comes as Facebook continues try to contain the damage from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

He also said that at least over at Apple, they respect people's privacy.