OJ Simpson Confesses Murders To Book Publisher

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Fox TV is offering viewers a chance to go "inside" O.J. Simpson's head when it airs a previously unseen 2006 interview in which he theorizes about what happened the night his ex-wife was murdered.

Fox announced last week that they would finally air the special over 10 years after it was originally scheduled to premiere, under the name "If I Did It".

In an outtake from the special obtained by TMZ, Regan talks about how she managed to land an interview with Simpson and why he chose to title his book, If I Did It.

Simpson describes a 1985 incident during which the former star took a bat to Nicole's windshield, smashing it to pieces after an argument about their upcoming marriage. And I was sitting on the front of this, well it was actually my vehicle, but I had bought it for her.

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Simpson said he responded, "no". When police asked if she was OK, O.J. jumped in, "She's my wife". I broke the windshield.

Simpson doesn't seem to express any regret for how he acted telling Regan, "Well, it's my auto, I pay for everything around here, right?" Simpson: "The Lost Confession?" former National Football League star O.J. Simpson described his feelings at ex-wife Nicole Brown's funeral, saying he still felt anger towards her after her death. "I still had so many feelings of [anger]", O.J. Simpson told his book publisher Judith Regan in an interview.

The newest clip comes after TMZ released a short snippet of the FOX special Wednesday which showed Simpson explaining why he went to Nicole Brown Simpson's house the night she was killed.