May Says Go-It-Alone Britain Will Thrive After Brexit

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Britain is on course to leave the European Union at 2300 GMT on March 29, 2019, severing ties that helped define its national identity, its laws, and its global stature over 46 years of integration with European neighbors.

Since it triggered Article 50 of the EU treaty - the exit procedure - the United Kingdom government has accepted EU demands for a financial settlement and for an overview of the European Court of Justice for the rights of EU citizens in the UK.

She will say: "I am determined that our future will be a bright one".

What has been agreed so far?


Starting her tour in Scotland, May met workers in a textile factory, focusing on the future benefits she said Brexit could bring for trade. "The Government's Industrial Strategy, published a year ago, and the accompanying Automotive Sector Deal recognise this, but cross-Government policies must align to deliver on the ambition".

BRITISH Prime Minister, Theresa May, will tour the United Kingdom today and outline her determination to deliver a Brexit deal that works for every community and protects the integrity of the Union.

"I am determined that the Brexit we pursue is one that strengthens the bonds that unite us - because I believe ours is the world's most successful union", she said in the Scottish town of Ayr.

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While today is a symbolic milestone, Mrs May will be looking ahead to the key date of October - by which time the European Union has said it wants to see a final Brexit deal completed.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May today pledged that the UK would become "strong and united" after Brexit as she ties up last-minute deals on EU-UK trade.

"I always say to people the likelihood is it happens, but it doesn't have to happen, and the first place that's going to decide it is Parliament and MPs should vote according to their conscience", he said.

Overhauling NHS funding arrangements and ploughing more money into education are among the plans for post-Brexit Britain, Theresa May has told ITV News. He said Labour would not vote for the deal unless the government acted sensibly and negotiated to get a pact that meets the six tests.

UK NETFLIX ANDIPLAYER USERS won't be able to access native programming when travelling around the European Union as planned, thanks to Brexit. When asked whether Brexit is good or bad for the country, the margin remains very slim with 46 per cent responding it is a bad idea and 44 per cent saying it is a good idea.

With only a year left before Britain leaves the European Union, May seems more willing to compromise on key issues.