Jennifer Garner Reacts To Hilarious Viral Oscar Meme

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Bobby Finger from Jezebel uploaded a clip to Twitter of Garner clapping at the Oscars, and midway through, fear washes over her face and she stops applauding.

On Monday, Garner, 45, offered her own explanation on her Instagram Story by sharing three responses, the magazine stated. "Maybe I should date a fish", she wrote on social media. Garner said during one video. "Wait. where's my wallet?" Wait where's my wallet?' she said, referring to the tagline of her Capital One Venture television commercials.

In a third, she mused, "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham". And I'm pretty sure what Jennifer Garner saw was a the trail of spirits Tilda Swinton consumes in exchange for her unholy acting talent.

She instantly became a meme as we filled in her blanks, but Garner then went and memed herself.

A penny for your thoughts, Jennifer Garner!

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The 60 year old was reportedly spotted crying outside of the Governors Ball when she noticed that her award had gone missing. However the skilled actress was also in for a little shock when someone had just plain walked away with her golden statue.

Jennifer literally turned heads at the 2018 Oscar Awards on Sunday in a bright blue, one-shoulder gown, that showed off her super-toned arms.

But it wasn't just Garner's stunned expression that left fans talking, as the actress also won a string of praise for her red carpet style.

Much like dance battles, there are no losers when two celebrities partake in a new-age battle for meme supremacy.

Another joked that Garner was thinking about her separated husband, Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the Justice League films. Last year, she uploaded a video showing she was fan-girling over Hamilton while on a laughing gas, so clearly, the Oscars memes would not have offended the 13 Going On 30 star, as she knows how to take jokes.