Google Assistant Gets Custom Commands

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Yes, the consumers now be able to explore mode media from their Android smartphones and smart speakers by giving a proper command to the Google Assistant.

LG has taken the advantage of this.

As of now, Google Assistant only supports universal commands such as "on, off, dim" among others. Apparently, starting this week, due to a new feature for Action that goes by the name Custom Device Actions, device makers will be able to extend the Assistant and add "native" functionality specific to their devices. What's more, TV channels such as CNBC, Calm, The Daily Show and others will have new features for general show information and playback. So you can simply subscribe for the channels using the Voice Command. "Hey Google" and "OK Google" can be a real mouthful, whether you're me waking up and struggling to get the words out first thing in the morning, or an Italian grandma who can't quite get it right. You will also be notified with new updates on share market through the assistant.

Manufacturers have a reason to rejoice as Google announced the introduction of customised voice commands for third-party apps on Assistant. If you are planning to launch voice assistant products or systems, make sure you drop a mail and speak to Google about their new Google Assistant updates for third-party products. Users can expect to see these features roll out as they get adopted.

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Assistant Actions now support something Google is calling "Custom Device Actions".

Although most people use smart speakers for playing music and setting timers, smart home device manufacturers are hoping that these voice assistants will make it more convenient for people to control their devices.

Before now, users had to invoke an Action by saying "talk to LG" before issuing a command but now a user can directly say what he or she wants LG's connected appliance to do making the process much faster and interaction more natural.