Colonel Gaddafi's son announces run for Libyan presidency

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Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi is seeking to become the president of Libya, a Gaddafi family spokesman said late past year, adding he will run in the 2018 presidential election.

"By running for presidency, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi is seeking not power but the country's rescue", Abu Ras said.

The man in charge of the potential candidate's political reform programme, Ayman Boras, will announce Gaddafi's presidential bid, said Al-Sol. He said that Mr Gaddafi would run as the candidate for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya, a Libyan political party formed a year ago in Tunisia.

The spokesman vowed that Gaddafi Jr. will directly address Libyans in the coming days to announce his electoral plans and his vision of rebuilding the state.

Saif al-Islam, 45, is now in hiding.

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"The Libyan people have the right to choose", Khalid al-Ghuwail said.

Libya has been embroiled in a civil war since 2011, when Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown.

The United Nations has backed Libyans to organise elections by the end of the year, but the North African country's competing governments and factions have not agreed on an election law.

A court in Tripoli, however sentenced him to death, in absentia, in 2015 for crimes committed during the revolution. The ad for the Moamar Gaddafi son's quest to come back to Libya as the leader says.

"Public opinion poll after public opinion poll demonstrate the strong support of the majority of Libyans from all parts of the country to be able to participate in credible this year", Feltman was quoted as saying in January.