California lieutenant governor: I take Sessions' criticism 'as a huge compliment'

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The Justice Department sued California late Tuesday, escalating the battle between the Trump administration and local governments over the issue of providing sanctuaries from a crackdown on immigration enforcement.

The justice department has threatened to cut off funding to jurisdictions which resist its policies and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has said it planned to increase its presence in California.

"Here's my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you?"

Sessions criticized Mayor Libby Schaaf in a speech Wednesday to law enforcement officials after he sued California over laws that restrict cooperation with US immigration authorities. The lawsuit aims to block three so-called sanctuary laws the state's legislature passed past year.

Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra are directly named in the suit - and are ready for the fight.

Beyond the specifics of the laws, Mr. Sessions railed about several instances in which he said state officials had frustrated the work of federal law enforcement.

The US government has filed a lawsuit against the state of California over immigration laws that it alleged were "unconstitutional" and against the policies of President Donald Trump. These policies became popular nationwide during the Obama administration, which deported a record number of immigrants. The suit filed in federal court in Sacramento says the laws are unconstitutional and have kept federal agents from doing their jobs.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ramping up the rhetoric against the practice of "sanctuary cities", which gives harbor to illegal aliens seeking to evade federal immigration authorities. "I believe that we are going to win".

"For undocumented families who already live in fear of being separated from their families, we know U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement brings heightened anxiety", he said in a statement. Jeff, se political stunts may be norm in Washington, but y don't work here. SAD!

Brown went on to say that Sessions' lawsuit is more created to appeal to President Donald Trump's base than accomplish any good - and he said that Sessions sounded "more like Fox News" than an actual attorney general.

Federal officials have accused California of standing in the way of its plan to step up enforcement of federal immigration laws. The law was passed in response to complaints of abuse or mistreatment in California-based immigrant detention centers. It accuses the state of blocking federal immigration enforcement efforts.

"This is exactly what Sessions wants: to coerce state and local officials in California and beyond to be enablers in President Trump's aggressive deportation machine".

The lawsuit is also of note because it is the first to place a state against the Justice Department and the DOJ's ongoing behavior in regards to immigration. The new laws set restrictions on the cooperation between local law enforcement and federal authorities. It also served as a warning to Democratic lawmakers and elected officials nationwide who have enacted sanctuary policies that provide protections for undocumented immigrants.