Ultimate orange bust after Spain chase

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Police arrested five people for allegedly trying to make off with this juicy loot. It all began when authorities in Seville stopped two vehicles and questioned the people over the oranges. While it is incredibly amusing, surely no orange enthusiast would be willing to go to that much trouble to collect their favourite fruit. However, Spain has laws around the amount of fruit you can transport without paperwork and they did not have the required paperwork for 4 tonnes of fruit.

They were arrested at the scene after the police learned that a warehouse in Carmona had reported the theft of a large number of oranges only a few hours ago.

Emergencias Sevilla's photos show the mass of loose fruit being taken from the vehicles via wheelbarrow.

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Despite having more than four tons of fruit between the vehicles, the suspects claimed the fruits were for personal consumption - something the police labeled pulp fiction.

The group, travelling in two cars, caught the attention of police when their cars were driving close together.

There have been freaky scenes in Spain after police pulled over three vehicles. The four tons of oranges are reportedly worth around 1,400 euros ($1,735).