Swype Keyboard is now discontinued

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The Swype Keyboard was known for its swipe typing and the voice dictation features. Brings back memories, right? It's a wrap for the once popular keyboard app that was even incorporated in low-end Samsung devices like the Galaxy Young (remember it?) and the Galaxy mini (when it was updated to Android 2.3, Gingerbread). Bad news for anyone that's having issues with it on a new phone. Nuance later confirmed the same to XDA Portal as well.

Former Swype CEO Mike McSherry - who was instrumental in growing the mobile keyboard's usage and later sold the company to Nuance - told GeekWire that it was sad to see the product "mothballed".

Nuance's Swype keyboard apps for iOS and Android have been discontinued, as the company focuses its efforts on the business market ...

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The latest Android version of Swype was released in the Play Store on January 18, 2018 and it will be the last version. This is according to a post on Reddit in which Redditor dancedar emailed Nuance regarding support for the app, in which they received a replying stating that the app has been discontinued. Among the established alternatives is Swype, which has been available for almost five years on Android and over three on iOS. These keyboards provided their own unique features and experience for users, and most importantly gave them a choice.

Are you a Swype keyboard user?

While Swype continues to be listed on Google Play at the time of writing this article, when trying to access the iOS version on the US App Store there is a message saying that the app is now not available. Do you want the app to stay or would you go for an alternative?