South Africa's Ramaphosa says working to resolve issue of Zuma's future

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South Africa's president-in-waiting Cyril Ramaphosa admitted Sunday to "disunity and discord" in the ruling ANC party as the deadlocked effort to oust scandal-tainted President Jacob Zuma grinds on.

Ramaphosa has confirmed that he was in talks with Zuma about his future as the president of South Africa. Zuma, whose presidency has been marked by numerous scandals, has stubbornly refused to budge.

"Nelson Mandela represented the best version of ourselves as South Africans".

This week in an unprecedented move, the State of the Nation Address was postponed to allow the ANC to finalise Zuma's fate. This may be related to non-state-capture legal matters, including corruption charges, which Zuma could face. The ANC is running on an anti-corruption ticket.

Zuma also faces another no-confidence vote against his leadership in parliament on February 22, brought by the ultra-left Economic Freedom Fighters party. He also promised to tackle corruption.

Last week, Ramaphosa canceled a meeting of the ANC's national executive committee, which had been expected to push for the early removal of the president so the party can try to win back disaffected voters ahead of elections in 2019.

Zuma has not said whether he will resign voluntarily before his second term as president ends in the middle of next year. It is Madiba's example that should inform our approach to the tasks that we must undertake.

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"For him a necessary condition for the unity of South African people was the unity of the African National Congress".

Ramaphosa said it was important that the discussions were handled with care and goal "ensuring that we place the interests of the South African people first".

"Because our people want this matter to be finalised‚ the national executive committee will be doing exactly that". We know you want this matter to be finalised.

Holding the microphone for Mandela that day was a young Ramaphosa, then a trade union leader.

He said Ramaphosa had returned Gauteng province, where the ANC's headquarters is located in the country's commercial capital Johannesburg.

First Lady Madiba-Zuma, however, who clearly supports her husband's stance to remain in power until next year will have none of these antics to remove her from the stately home as well and cautioned against "picking a fight with someone who is not fighting you". Denis Goldberg was imprisoned in Pretoria.

Ramaphosa was due to give a speech later on Sunday in Cape Town as part of year-long celebrations to mark 100 years since the birth of former president Nelson Mandela, but it was unclear whether he would mention Zuma's situation.