Widespread Flu Hits Earlier This Season

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In Cook County, there have been over 150 flu hospitalizations in the county system this season.

Nihar Mandavia, a pharmacist who owns Druggist Pharmacy in Laguna Niguel told Daily Mail Online that his pharmacy has been selling an average of 30 Tamiflu per day.

But this year, experts are warning that the flu vaccine may not be as effective against the severe strain of influenza A which is what appears to be the dominant strain throughout Canada.

Hospitals have been overwhelmed with the influx of infected patients that hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area are limiting visitors under the age of 16 as a precaution.

"We watch flu very carefully throughout the health authority". Emergency rooms in Chicago dealing with the flu have led to a backup in admission of ambulance patients, forcing ambulances to hold patients longer.

Bill Christian, a spokesman for the Department of Health, says their department learned of the woman's death Monday.

Antiviral drugs are different from antibiotics.

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It is not so much that it is worse than previous year, but officials say it is much earlier.

"We use in Canada an egg-based media to grow the vaccine and there has been some evidence to show based on studies that there may be some mutations of the virus when it's growing in that media, so that's why we are seeing the decreased effectiveness in this years vaccine", said Dr.Waters. That is up 21 states since last week.

An estimated 9.2 million Americans have gotten sick with the flu each year since 2010. "What we are seeing is unprecedented compared to the last 10 years of influenza seasons".

There was "high activity" of the flu - the highest prevalence ranking - in almost half of the U.S. as reported last week.

With kids going back to school, doctors say that could expose kids to the virus even more.

The nasal spray, however, is not thought to be a worthwhile preventative measure against this flu.

The CDC said flu season usually peaks between December and March and can often extend into May.