Trump threatens to cut Pakistan aid, says it harbors terrorists

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There was a furious reaction in Pakistan, where the government has rejected US criticism and says it has suffered from being a regional ally of Washington in the war against terror.

US President Donald Trump on Monday made what can be considered a formal announcement that his country was stopping any and all financial aid to Pakistan.

The "Iranian people give no credit to the deceitful and opportunist remarks of US officials or Mr. Trump", said Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi, according to state television.

"The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools", Trump wrote.

Last month, Trump hinted that he could cut off the aid. "They have to help", he said in unveiling his national security strategy.

During the announcement, the United States president was quick to remind Pakistan of its obligation toward helping America because it receives "massive payments" from Washington every year.

Kugelman noted Trump tweeted in October that relations with Pakistan were improving, when some experts suggested they were not.

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"Trump is disappointed at the USA defeat in Afghanistan and that is the only reason he is flinging accusations at Pakistan", the foreign minister said.

Trump hailed their return as a clear sign of progress, but his attitude has since hardened.

Pakistan will "let the world know the ... difference between facts and fiction", Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif tweeted, promising to respond to Trump "shortly".

He said all funds from the USA had been "properly audited" and that "services (were) rendered".

Islamabad has repeatedly denied the accusations of turning a blind eye to militancy, lambasting the United States for ignoring the thousands who have been killed on its soil and the billions spent fighting extremists.

"The Pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is honoring America's wishes for it to do more to provide security in the region", he said in a statement.

Abbasi has said in interviews Pakistan is committed to the fight against terrorism, and has suffered significant casualties through the years due to deadly attacks from militant groups.