Police seize £33m stash of cocaine hidden in pineapples

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Spanish and Portuguese police discovered an enormous shipment of cocaine hidden inside fake pineapples during a raid on shipping containers.

According to News 24, The Iberian police forces arrested nine members of an global smuggling ring that transported the drug from South America.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said in a press release that the cocaine was packed in a cylindrical manner, covered in yellow wax to appear as if made of the fruit, then covered by previously emptied out pineapple skins. Apparently, the gang had the cocaine stored in Terrassa, Barcelona and transported it to Madrid laboratories every 15-20 days.

The investigation continues in Portugal and Spain with the cooperation of the authorities in other countries.

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A clandestine laboratory where cocaine was adulterated and "cut" was also dismantled, police said. The Portuguese side of the investigation released a statement on the raid, saying "this organised worldwide group had repeatedly brought large quantities of cocaine to the European continent".

The pineapple shipment had arrived in Lisbon with an intended delivery address in Spain, police said.

Incredibly, this isn't the first time pineapples have been used to smuggle some blow across the Spanish border. The Iberian Peninsula is a common entry point for illegal drugs before they're distributed across the continent.