Now, share 'Stories' beyond the Snapchat app

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Social-media leader Facebook Inc. has famously copied innovations from Snap Inc.'s Snapchat, a mobile app focused on ephemeral photos and videos that's popular with younger audiences.

The company is working on a new feature that could make it easier for people to share video clips, according to a report from Bloomberg, Thursday.

The social media company already has a working demo of the camera-centered product, Bloomberg reported, citing people who have seen it.

Details on the tools were scant, and anonymous sources familiar with the product's development told reporter Selina Wang that its actual functionality could change drastically over the next few months before it is actually released.

Twitter hasn't commented on the report and it's unclear right now if and when these changes will go live. In the past, she has praised the Snapchat app calling it "very modern" and admitting that Twitter can be "confusing".

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To share video on Twitter, users have to click a button to compose a tweet, select the camera icon and then tap a red video icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Twitter could take a page from Snapchat and incorporate a similar feature on its microblogging app, which would mark a significant departure from the app's current design.

For each story, Snapchat will create a link that will redirect users to a video player at

Late a year ago, Dorsey said in a conference call with investors that the San Francisco-based company is 'focused on making our service faster, easier to use, and more relevant to people every day'. According to a report published by Android Headlines, Snapchat's primary objective is to draw more users to its platform to deliver tough competition to Instagram and Facebook.