Nintendo Direct: New Games Available For Nintendo Switch and 3DS

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Thanks Nintendo for the latest announcements. The 2013 game Payday 2is also coming to the Switch on February 27th, complete with online cooperative gameplay.

As presented in the video, "Mario Tennis Aces" has a strong "Super Mario Odyssey" feel in it and even more with the tennis content.

When fans asked about the best selling console in December, Greenberg clarified that while the Xbox One had its best month, Nintendo Switch was the best selling console in term of units sold.

Runner3 is the latest entry in the Bit.Trip series.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will also be rereleasing for the Nintendo Switch. The base game will soon be available for the Switch along with its downloadable content "Artorias of the Abyss".

Zoink Studio's incredibly gorgeous indie adventure title Fe, finally has a release date. The game will be hitting the Switch on March 16th. Specifically, the trailer noted that players will need to pay more attention to their opponent's shot selection and positioning in order to beat them.

Payday 2 will release in Europe and Australia on February 23rd, and in North America and South America on February 27th.

Nike's Team USA Medal Stand Collection for 2018 Winter Olympics
Short-track speedskating star Elise Christie and her team-mates have been given a target of one-to-two medals. In Sochi four years ago Team GB won four medals, their most successful in modern times.

The Nintendo Direct Mini can be watched in full below.

Rainway is an upcoming app that can provide a service that will allow gamers to stream games on-the-fly from their PC to their Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and of course smartphones and tablets. Players can also use the Joy-Con controllers to try combat in an all-new way, though the Direct Mini didn't share details on how that mechanic would work.

During today's Nintendo Direct announcement, the studio revealed Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch. The Definitive Edition will bring enhanced visuals and new content. No specific release date was mentioned, but it is now planned for sometime during the year. Expect to make a racket in "Spring 2018". The standard touchscreen gameplay will remain an option, but this move increases accessibility and calms the anxieties of those who fear mashing their precious Nintendo Switch screen like a lunatic. Luigi hosts Balloon World, where you're given 30 seconds to hide a balloon somewhere on a stage, or find one that someone else has hidden. Players will get a new playable character Funky Kong in the game. Not only does it incorporate some elements of open world exploration, it introduced a new mechanic - a sentient hat that possesses different kinds of objects and enemies - that totally reinvented Mario and upended the conventional 3D platformer formula, taking it to new directions.

In March, we got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - one of the best games of the year and quite possibly the best Zelda game ever made.

Gaming companies have now come up with new and innovative strategies to boost sales and show attractive balance sheets. Kirby can also throw hearts at enemies.

Its Nintendo Switch port arrives on May 4.