New Mode, Costumes Coming to Super Mario Odyssey

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Super Mario Odyssey is finally allowing Luigi out of the basement in Luigi's Balloon World mode, a new mode with two competitive options: Hide It, and Find It. Once players have beaten Super Mario Odyssey and download the free update, the new Balloon based challenge will be available. While it may not be a new kingdom like some were hoping, we're not going to look a free update in the mouth. The mode can be accessed by talking to Luigi, who will task Mario with hiding a balloon away in a hard-to-find area, before attempting to uncover another balloon hidden by a player online.

The free update will also introduce new outfits in the Sunshine Shades and Outfit, Musician Hat and Outfit, and Knight Helmet and Armor, as well as new filters for Snapshot Mode. The free update will be coming to Super Mario Odyssey in February.

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There's a competitive side to this fun activity, for finding balloons quickly as well as hiding them in hard to reach spots enable players to move up in the rankings. Beyond bragging rights, you can earn a tidy sum of coins by performing well in Luigi's Balloon Land.