Kim Kardashian slammed by fans for her hair braids

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And Kim Kardashian revealed the reason for her new hairstyle on Monday, as she shared a picture from a Bo Derek-inspired photoshoot.

Kardashian, who as of late confronted blackface allegations while advancing her new magnificence line, has already ascribed recognition for a job well done for her haircut. Kim's now in hot water for braiding her hair into cornrows. Kim likened the hairstyle to Bo Derek's 'do in the 1970s flick 10, and there is a definite resemblance. And cornrows are a hairstyle worn by both black women and men that have been around since ancient times ― long, long before Derek wore them in 1979.

One wrote: 'What's the problem with Kim Kardashian having braids?

- la reina (@queeneeks) January 29, 2018 first of all, fuck you @KimKardashian for wearing cornrows and calling them "Boderrick braids". second of call fuck you again for crediting the creation of "boderrick braids" to a white woman who was culturally appropriating cornrows to begin with. "But saying she's being racist because she has her hair in braids is ridiculous".

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Angry followers blasted her for crediting a white woman for the traditional African style. Justin Bieber came to her defence, telling fans on Instagram: "Guys leave her alone, were all trying to figure it out and she happens to be under a microscope!" The mother-of-three was called out for allegedly darkening her skin tone to promote her creme contour & highlight kit.

Bo Derek previously called a similar incident involving Kylie Jenner "stupid", and stated that race never came up when she rocked her cornrows almost 40 years ago.

Another commented, "Just saw your snap". Can someone tell her to stop appropriating our culture cause Kanye clearly ain't. Smh. "This why Beyonce don't like her stiff lips ass".