Ikea asks women to pee on its pregnancy test magazine ad

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Swedish ad agency Åkestam Holst has created a new interactive ad for Ikea, which will reveal a discount on cribs when peed on by pregnant women, Adweek reported.

The ad, which showcases the company's Sundvik crib, encourages viewers to simply pee on a small marked strip on the bottom of the ad.

Presumably, you'll then need to bring the urine-soaked paper to your local Ikea to redeem it.

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Peeing on this ad may change your life. The ad in question is for a crib, the Sundvik, now available for $119 online, pre-discount. Some ads are so ideal that you'll be talking about them for days after you see them, but others you just can't seem to get out of your head quick enough. (Good news in case you're anxious about ruining the rest of the magazine by peeing all over it.) If you are pregnant, don't look for a plus sign; instead, a special discounted price of the crib will show up in red.

According to the company who put together the strip used in the ad - Mercene Labs - the technical advancements they made while trying to put together the strip for the ad has the potential to improve medical diagnostics.

To actually make the ad a functioning pregnancy test, the agency worked with Mercene Labs to get the logistics right. Is the pregnancy test strip reliable-there are, after all, things such as false positives even on a tried and tested home pregnancy kit. It's certainly not about what you buy, but rather the entire experience. Before we sign off, due sympathy to the writer whose feature appears on the obverse side of the IKEA ad.