HTC Unveils New Higher-Resolution Vive Pro VR Headset, Wireless Adapter

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The highlight of the new system is the improved combined 2880 by 1600 resolution from its dual-OLED displays, which the company boasts is a 78 percent increase over the original Vive.

Additional improvements include dual microphones with active noise cancellation and dual front-facing cameras created to empower developer creativity. Coincidentally, TPCast has already announced plans at this year's CES to produce a TPCast Plus suite of hardware, which promises improvements such as microphone support and various tweaks to how it handles wireless data. There's no word on when the wireless adapter is going to be available, or how much it will cost.

The Vive Pro will be available this quarter as a headset upgrade to existing customers and as a standalone headset to all consumers.

The Pro's total resolution will be 2880x1600, almost a 78 percent increase over the current Vive's 2160×1200. Pricing info wasn't shared.

They also reported that the Vive Pro would include on-board speakers, not stating whether they'll be on-ear headphones like the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, or hidden projection speakers similar to those on the Vive Focus headset. The Pro's updated headstrap includes a sizing dial for a more balanced fit on the head.

HTC has used its CES 2018 announcement to launch 2 new products. Today, the majority of VR HMDs offer higher resolution than the Vive and Rift.

HTC Vive's new wireless adapter will allow players to experience VR untethered Lauren Barack
HTC Vive's new wireless adapter will allow players to experience VR untethered Lauren Barack

At its event, HTC also introduced the Vive Wireless Adaptor that wirelessly connects the Vive or Vive Pro to a nearby PC.

Details are still scant at the moment, but it's been built using Intel's WiGig spec and work on the 60Ghz band to maximise performance and reduce latency.

Wireless capability could previously be achieved with third-party accessories, but HTC wants you to use Intel's tech for a more seamless experience.

"Wireless VR has been on almost every VR user's wishlist since the technology was unveiled", said Frank Soqui, General Manager Virtual Reality Group at Intel Corporation.

Put all that together and it spells HTC's biggest VR update to date. The current Vive headset is not compatible with the upcoming base stations. CTA also sees United States revenues of $1.2 billion (roughly 10 percent year-over-year growth). The increased resolution will make text clearer and visuals pop, with HTC now the leader in VR headset resolutions against Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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