Google rolls out more options to mute ads that usually stalk you

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It is not just a specific ad being muted in this case. If they mute an ad for that hotel booking site on their smartphone it will also be muted on their notebook. At that point, you might be served reminder ads encouraging you to return to that retailer's site and complete your transaction. We should see these options rolling out today, so either jump over to your Ad Settings or go track down an unsavory ad to give them a spin for yourself.

In a blog post, explaining the use of the new feature, Jon Krafcik, a Google products manager for data privacy and transparency, said, "Reminder ads like these can be useful, but if you aren't shopping for Snow Boot Co.'s boots anymore, then you don't need a reminder about them".

The Mute This Ad feature lets users block an ad that they don't want to see. Further, the search engine giant plans to roll out this feature for Gmail, YouTube and Google Search in the coming months.

You may have never heard the name "reminder ads" before but, chances are, you're familiar with them. The mute will last for 90 days, which Google says should extend beyond the range of most reminder ads. They are, but Google users will now be able to mute the ads that annoy them most. Now, you can head into Ad Settings and mute certain reminder ads, preventing them from popping up in front of you again.

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Now Mute This Ad will function across devices when users are signed in to their Google Accounts. Once the user adjusts the required settings, the reminder ads would be removed from the company's entire domain, notes VentureBeat.

Additionally, Google said that it's expanding the scope of "mute this ad" to "even more places" as it teams up with additional third-party apps and websites. Based on their preferences, a user can choose to mute the ads and keep others running.

Google's new feature does not come as good news for advertisers. Why not forever? "Advertisers tend to show reminder ads within a limited span of time, often within about a month from when you visited their websites". Of course, this will not affect websites and apps that use non-Google ad services.