Google Arts & Culture app can match your selfies to famous paintings

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And once you've exhausted yourself of selfies, check out the rest of the Google Arts and Culture app; through it, you can do things like zoom in on awesome masterpieces to see all of their incredible details. Look no further than Google's Arts & Culture app, which allows you to upload a selfie and find your museum doppelgänger. Once you install the app, scroll down for the "Is your portrait in a museum?" game. It should be noted that this functionality is only available in the U.S. for now, but we'll likely see it come to other regions before long.

And once you finish laughing, don't stop exploring the other features. But users will have to take a fresh selfie with the app as photo uploads from the camera roll are not supported (yet). The app will then show you a list of artwork which your photo resembles, Inverse reports.

Browse through the artwork and notice each piece's percentage match.

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Are you more of a Botticelli or a Van Gogh?

However, that is not stopping celebs from posting their results on social media - and it's seriously the best thing you will see on the Internet right now. Find out with the Google Arts and Culture app. Google seems to have lent a keen year and is going to make the entire affair of finding your "Museum" doppelganger easier with the "Google Arts & Culture app". Prima, a photo-editing app, shot to fame for turning images into paintings, complete with strokes of an artist's brush.

Though the Google Arts & Culture app has been available since 2016, the find-your-art-lookalike feature was released quietly with its latest update in mid-December. Google Street View is one of the projects under the initiative.