AT&T Deal To Sell Huawei Smartphones Falls Apart In 11th Hour

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That deal has been cancelled according to people claiming knowledge about the deal.

The Huawei Mate 10 pro was supposed to be headed to mobile carriers AT&T and Verizon in the U.S., the handset is now not coming to these carriers. Huawei's CES 2018 keynote is happening tomorrow, and it'll be interesting to see what the company has to say.

That placed Huawei's smartphones at a considerable disadvantage compared to Apple, Samsung and other phone makers whose products are readily available from mobile carriers' stores. US customers who were looking forward to the device can get it, but not in the manner that many prefer and have grown accustomed to. However, Huawei will continue on its determined campaign to pierce through the lucrative North American market.

There are speculations that the deal fell through due to some form of trust issues.

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In 2012, Huawei and ZTE were the subject of a United States investigation that looked into whether the companies' equipment provided an opportunity for greater foreign espionage and threatened critical U.S. infrastructure - a link that Huawei has consistently denied.

Huawei has denied any involvement in espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. It appears the sentiments remain the same, but to be clear, nothing of this sort was discussed in the latest development. Huawei has stated that while the Mate 10 Pro won't be offered via a carrier in the US, it would be offered via open channels.

But AT&T has apparently walked away from the deal. This is because the USA has the biggest market in terms of revenue generated. Huawei said its integrity and quality products will support the mission to compete in America on equal terms.

Huawei told CNBC in a separate statement that it will launch new products for the US market on Tuesday. "We look forward to sharing more information with you then", a spokesperson told CNBC by email.