Woman threatens to 'kill everybody' after being caught smoking on plane

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A woman was caught smoking on a flight from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday resulting in an in-flight freak-out and threats to "kill everyone on this plane" when she was escorted to law enforcement upon landing, Southwest Airlines confirmed.

Officials say the woman tampered with a smoke detector and lit up in the plane's bathroom.

When the crew tried to return Curbelo to her seat, she became agitated and confronted them.

That passenger with the video who wished not to be identified says the woman pushed a flight attendant, and then had to be physically restrained before the remaining 30 minutes of flight to Sacramento. The woman was arrested by local authorities.

When a reporter from CBS 13 asked Curbelo why she made the threat, she replied that she was confused by her behavior. She explained that she lit up a cigarette in the airplane bathroom to calm her anxiety, though she couldn't articulate what she was anxious about. "I will kill everybody on this f--ing plane".

"I swear it was like white knuckle the rest of the flight".

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"I don't know. It was not me".

She told CBS-Sacramento in a Monday report that she smoked in the plane bathroom because of anxiety. She faces three felony counts of making criminal threats, and remains in the Sacramento County Jail on $75,000 bail.

"It was not me", she said.

Federal regulations prohibit smoking on an aircraft or tampering with a smoke detector, which is typically punished by a fine.

"The safety of our crew and passengers is our top priority, and we take all safety violations seriously", Southwest Airlines said in a statement to Business Insider. Pilots had declared an emergency for priority air traffic control.

'The flight carried 136 customers and a crew of five'.