Univ. of OR graduate students join National Walkout

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Graduate students rally against the proposed GOP tax reform bill at Union Square in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., November 29, 2017.

"Folks who are supporting the graduate student tax and tax reform bill don't understand how this could cripple the university", said Harper. Under the new tax plan, these tuition waivers would be made taxable income, which would effectively increase taxes by about 31 percent for research assistants at UC Berkeley, according to an analysis of the bill. The House version of the tax plan contained a provision to tax graduate student tuition waivers, which might cause some students to see a 300-400 percent increase in their taxes.

We urge the university community to defend its graduate and campus workers by calling on their representatives to oppose this tax proposal as it enters Senate review. However, the House bill passed earlier this month ends this tax break. He says grad students across the country are afraid their tax bills will double or triple, which would discourage current and future students from continuing their education at. "People already go into a considerable amount of debt to go into school to begin with.

I would lose half of that with the tax reform", said SIU grad student Andy Harper.

The Senate will likely make some alterations to the House plan.

At Duke University, the students marched with chants of "No tax cuts for corporations, money for jobs and education". She says it could put her plan to pursue a master's degree out of reach.

For young working mothers like Cheyenne Finkbeiner, 22, who attended the rally with her baby, dreams of pursuing higher education may become much more unlikely.

And as Jacob Carter, a research scientist for the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, warned recently, "it isn't just graduate students who will feel the consequences; such moves stand to affect us all".

"If the bill goes through, the money we never see, that's kind of this technicality of the University, would then be taxable income", she said.

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"We team with other universities and other associations to make sure that the message isn't simply about the University of Wyoming - although we are focused on that", he said.

Students participate in a walk-out at the University of [f500link] Southern [/f500link] California on November 29, 2017.

"The most dramatic effect would be felt by students from low-income groups, and those that accumulated a significant student loan burden prior to coming to graduate school", Barclay said.

University of Oregon (UO) graduate students will join thousands of other students in the National Walkout and Rallies Against Trump-GOP at Erb Memorial Union (EMU) Free Speech Plaza Tuesday. "So, an undergraduate [student] to get out of the University of Southern California with loans will now be paying tax on the interest".

Executive Director of Media Relations Dennis O'Shea also wrote an email to The News-Letter on behalf of the University, reiterating that the school is working to combat the tax bill.

Many aspects of the bill would make higher education more expensive for families, even as colleges and universities are looking for ways to broaden access to education - one of the key ways for individuals to achieve economic independence. These waivers cover tuition for students who teach or conduct research at the University, and include a modest stipend for living expenses.

Graduate students also conduct research that contributes to Georgetown's status as a Research I global center for scholarly research. "Many of us are selling our plasma", said Harper. UB has not released an official statement regarding the tax plan.

Speakers at the protest said they consider administrators and regents complicit in the decreasing affordability of higher education, including by approving a tuition hike this year, the first bump following a six-year freeze.

It would also repeal the estate tax, which could cut charitable giving by 6 to 12 percent and reduce bequests by 16 to 28 percent, according to studies by the Congressional Budget Office and the Brookings Institution.