Sen. John McCain Hospitalized Due to Brain Cancer Treatment Side Effects

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Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden joined the ABC show "The View" on Dec 13. In 2015, his adult son Beau Biden died of glioblastoma, an experience that left him grief-stricken, and one he details in his new book, Promise Me, Dad.

"Your dad, when he was a military aide, would work with me and became friends with Beau", he said.

Throughout his final year as vice president, Biden directed much of his attention towards advancing a so-called "moonshot", an effort at finding new cures and treatments for cancer in memory of his late son.

In July, father John McCain was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, which also claimed Beau's life. "I think about Beau nearly every day, and I was told that this doesn't get easier".

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Meghan McCain thanked Biden later, tweeting she had no words to convey her "immense gratitude". "I know you and your family have been through tragedy that I couldn't conceive of - what would you tell - it's not about me, it's about everyone with cancer", McCain said, crying as Biden walked over, switching seats with another host to sit next to her. I swear guys, we are going to beat this damned disease. Beau talked about your dad's courage - not about illness, but his courage. He told her there's hope, and a medical breakthrough is possible.

"As ever, he remains grateful to his physicians for their excellent care, and his friends and supporters for their encouragement and good wishes", the statement said. "Her dad goes after me, hammer and thong". But I know - and I mean this sincerely - even when your dad got mad at me and said I should get the hell off the ticket. We're like two brothers who were somehow raised by different fathers or something because of our points of view.

McCain closed the almost 8-minute segment by thanking Biden "for your compassion, you're a great hope to me and everyone else in the country right now".