Rich Swann Suspended By WWE

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Police said the incident happened after Swann was arguing with his wife, who is also a wrestler.

Swann, according to the report, denied after being read his rights that he touched Yung, and said she returned to the vehicle on her own. When arrested, Swann told police that she got in the vehicle on her own. A witness told police that Riggs jumped out of his slowly moving auto, at which point, he put her in a headlock and dragged her back to his vehicle. He's suspected of getting physical with his wife and holding her in a auto against her will.

26 year old former World Wrestling Entertainment cruiserweight champion Rich Swann was arrested Saturday in Gainesville. What's insane is Swann's vehicle was still moving when he hopped out to chase down Riggs, and it ended up hitting a telephone pole. Swann denied touching his wife, telling cops she got back in the vehicle on her own.

As we previously reported, Swann was arrested on Sunday in Florida around midnight.

Authorities have released Swann's arrest report, which offers further details on what allegedly took place. She said she tried to escape him because she feared the argument blowing up into a physical confrontation.

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Swann, a rising star in WWE, has been suspended following the incident as per a zero tolerance domestic violence policy.

According to the Mirror (h/t Joshua Gagnon of WrestlingInc), Swann could be sentenced to up to five years in prison if convicted on the kidnapping charge. Swann was arrested and held in jail on charges of battery and false imprisonment (kidnapping).

Swann was due to battle Drew Gulak in a number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight title.

WWE wrestler Rich Swann flashed high-flying moves and a big smile in the ring. WWE did the right thing by suspending Swann right away.