'PUBG' Launches for Xbox One; Trailer and Start Times Revealed

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The video below is a real-life rendition of the tense plane ride on the way to the "PUBG" island, which Xbox One players can fight on soon this Tuesday, Dec. 12. This is good news for players that have yet to purchase a hard drive upgrade, as it means they may not have to delete any games off their console in order to download and play the critically-acclaimed battle royale game on launch day.

The official PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release date for the Xbox One is on December 12, but Microsoft has released the specific date and time for when players can expect the game to go online. The Vehicle Mode works similarly to how driving mechanics in games like the "Grand Theft Auto" series were handles in the Xbox, with additional controls like pressing A to switch seats or holding the A button to put on the seatbelt. The popular first-person perspective mode will be added at a later date that has yet to be announced. In the past, the likes of Ark: Survival Evolved showed up on the PS4 nearly a year after being on the Xbox One.

From what we could tell, Battlegrounds on console doesn't make use of any form of auto-aim, which has been a staple of the genre since GoldenEye. If you have played on the PC previously you'll know there is a lot to manage as well as trying to stay alive.

The players had to wait in the Prison before the game started
The players had to wait in the Prison before the game started

Not when you consider the lacklustre menus, mind, which is why I was surprised to see some basic features unaccounted for. For years, the thought of a Diablo game on consoles was laughable, but now Diablo 3 arguably controls better on console than on PC.

Right now, one of the active complaints about the PUBG desert map, Miramar, is that the game picks up way too late into the mid-end-game phases and that players can go a long time without combat, if necessary. Although yes, it took PUBG Corp time to implement FPP on PC, it's something that's already there and should be ported to Xbox One.

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