Plane slides off taxiway: 'All of a sudden, it started fishtailing'

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Airline officials say a JetBlue Airways plane slid off of the taxiway at Boston's Logan Airport.

A JetBlue plane went off the taxiway at Boston's Logan Airport on Monday night after reportedly slipping on ice.

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"We were straight and all of a sudden we started fishtailing. And, yeah, it started getting rough", passenger Steve Chisholm told ABC-affiliated WCVB news. After ATC told the pilot an emergency crew would respond, the pilot said, "we just need a tow". The flight had originated in Savannah, Georgia. "They said the wind coming in was really bad, then he landed, he thought he was OK, and hit some ice". Passengers on board applauded the pilot when the plane came to a halt. Passengers were jostled, but none were hurt. They were taken back to the terminal in an airport bus. As much as three inches of snow had fallen previously in the day, and Logan International was temporarily closed that morning. But the runways were later cleared for operations to continue as normal. Heavy snows across the Boston area left thousands without power on Christmas Day.

"Once I realized we were going off the runway, I was like, 'uh-oh, '" said Terri Given, from Savannah.