Overwatch's Winter Wonderland Will Be Returning December 12

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As usual, the event will offer a number of seasonally appropriate legendary skins, although Blizzard isn't revealing them just yet. The latter will be getting the appropriate holiday decorations along with Kings Row and Hanamura who got theirs past year.

All this is described by game director Jeff Kaplan in the latest developer update, you can see that below.

That won't sound like much to most people, but for a small subset of Overwatch fans, it was an announcement they'd been craving all year: Hipster, undercut Hanzo from the 2016 Reflections comic is going to be an in-game skin.

It appears that Blizzard has listened and that this skin will be coming to the Winter Wonderland event that drops next week.

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As of right now, we also have no confirmed date for when the Winter Wonderland event will draw to a close.

You'll get a good long look at the newly winter-ised Black Forest during the return of Mei's Snowball Offensive brawl.

Although we don't have footage, we've got the next best thing. Additionally, a new game mode called Mei's Yetti Hunt will be introduced that is created to play out like a boss fight. Any new outfit or additional cosmetic from 2017 is always at a higher cost. Set on the Nepal map, Mei's Yeti Hunt does still focus on characters shooting each other - but there's a twist. One team will be comprised of 5 Meis that are tasked with hunting the Yeti (Winston) down. This means that a squad of six players can queue up for Yeti Hunt and take turns playing as the yeti against their friends. Once all of the meat has been snacked-upon, Winston's Primal Rage mode is activated and it's up to the Mei team to survive. I am however referring to Overwatch, Blizzard's massively popular competitive shooter, which will be returning to Mei's Winter Wonderland as the game's seasonal event this Christmas.