Nintendo Switch Exclusive ARMS Gets 5.0 Update, Introduces New Fighter And More

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Previously hinted at in older story updates, we are now officially bearing witness to the rise of Dr. Coyle. Nintendo has kept mum on exactly what kind of updates are in store for the game aside from a new fighter, but as is usually the case with new Arms updates, there's probably more coming, too.

Hot off the heels of the release of Version 5.0, Nintendo has announced some very unfortunate news in regards to ARMS. Since its release earlier in the year, four new fighters have been added to the game.

Dr. Coyle's special abilities include a spurt of invisibility after guarding, an extra ARM attack that appears after charging, and the ability to punch, dash, and block while levitating in the air.

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The new stage added in the update is based off of Dr. Coyle's lab is called [NAME REDACTED]. Arms is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Play the Grand Prix at LV6 or higher as someone other than Dr. Coyle and see what happens... There've also been changes to the Grand Prix mode, with the difficulty now increasing as the fights go on in any difficulty below seven.

Added new badges related to Dr. Coyle.

Arms had a great run as a new I.P. for Nintendo.