Google's Chrome browser to get ad-blocking February 15, 2018

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Sites will be able to appeal their status to Google after they change their advertising practices.

Now in a statement, Google has confirmed they will start blocking all ads on websites who fail the Better Ads standard starting February 15. Google even went as far as to say that ad blocker use because of bad ads is threatening the sustainability of the web ecosystem.

The CFBA announced its Better Ads Experience Program on Monday.

On desktop, the Coalition's Better Ads Standard defines four types of troublesome ads: pop-ups, presitial ads with a countdown (ads that load before the content of the website itself loads), auto-play video ads with sound, and large sticky ads (which are ads that persist as you scroll through a page).

Google's Chrome browser to get ad-blocking February 15, 2018
Google's Chrome browser to get ad-blocking February 15, 2018

In January 2018, the Coalition will begin rollout of the Better Ads Experience Program, a voluntary initiative for industry participants to improve the online ad experience for consumers and promote marketplace adoption of the Better Ad Standards. On mobile devices, the guidelines also discourage flashing animations, full-screen scrollover ads, and ads that occupy more than 30% of the display. This suggests Google will remotely activate the feature and may roll it out incrementally. Now when know when Google plans to send this ad blocker live, and it turns out that launch is right around the corner.

The goal seems to be for Google to cut back on users' use of third-party ad blockers that ban all ads outright. If you receive a failing score or want to check your score, you can do so in Google's Webmaster Tools and the Ad Experience Report.

Google is taking an all-or-nothing approach with the ad blocking.

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