Freezing New Year: Arctic blast drives wind chills into the single digits

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The warmth will be short-lived with an arctic attack that begins Saturday and continues through next week.

"We put some stuff in front of our fireplace because we had some cold air come through there", says homeowner, Angelica Theroux.

With morning temperatures in the upper teens and low 20s, the ground will be cold enough for the snow to stick.

TONIGHT: Patchy drizzle and fog, otherwise cloudy. It shouldn't amount to much, but something to keep an eye on. Saturday night will be very cold and dry for the area.

As with most of the past week, the clouds refuse to leave.

Saturday will start off with snow covered roads so give yourself a little bit of extra time if you plan to be traveling early. The higher odds will tend to be further south into Northwest Arkansas.

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Specifically for the countdown to 2018... temps will hover near the 20° (see graphic above) as we Ring in the New Year! High temperatures have been in the 20s most of this week with wind chills in the single digits. We'll slowly warm up into the upper 40's Friday and Saturday afternoon which is near average high temperatures for this time of year which is around 50 degrees.

Despite forecasts of bitter cold, Buffalo's New Year's Eve ball drop will go on as scheduled Sunday in Roosevelt Square downtown. Readings New Year's Day morning will hover around zero with wind chills below zero. Even wind chills will briefly creep in the risky category during this period. Make sure pets have warm shelter, water and food.

By Wednesday afternoon, we may have a shot at the freezing mark at least for some!

If skies clear overnight Monday into Tuesday morning and winds lighten up, temperatures could plummet into the teens.

Get our daily forecasts on your Amazon Alexa device. The high temperature for Sunday is likely to occur shortly after midnight, Sunday morning, and the low for Sunday will likely occur just before midnight, Sunday night.

While Friday was still an extremely cold day by late December standards, there were some improvements.