Elton John 'in shock' after mother's death-NA-GEN

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Pop legend Sir Elton John has revealed that his mother has died just months after they healed their rift.

The singer explained on his Instagram he was in shock as he 'only saw her last Monday'.

Elton John's beloved mother, Sheila, has passed away at the age of 92. Thank you for everything. I will miss you so much.

The "Crocodile Rock" singer disowned his mother in 2008 after he instructed Farebrother to cut off all contact with his former friends who served as business partners.

Elton and Sheila reconciled in April this year after the singer faced a "potentially deadly" bacterial infection which left him "violently ill" on a flight to Chile from the UK.

In May, John, 70, shared how happy he was to be back in communication with her again.

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This past May, he posted a throwback photo of the pair with the caption, "So happy we are back in touch". Sheila and her husband, Fred Farebrother, were reportedly one of the biggest supporters of John's singer/songwriter career and helped him get a job as a pub pianist as a teenager, reported the Daily Mail.

Sir Elton declined to attend her 90th in March this year, just two months before they would finally rekindle their relationship.

Farebrother's cause of death is not immediately known. "He told me I thought more of Bob Halley than I did of my own son", Farebrother said.

"Then to my utter amazement, he told me he hated me". He then banged the phone down. "Imagine! To me, his mother!" "I wish you and your loved ones a lot of strength in this tough time".

See Elton John put on a surprise performance during the Lion King's 20th Anniversary this year below.

It is still unclear of the circumstances surrounding his mother's death.